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DOKUMENTA was an initiative aimed at strengthening and supporting the involvement of civil society organizations, and migrant communities in public debates, interventions and the information field, and promoting more effective relations with the media. Its purpose was to inform and educate on good practice and promote cooperation between participants.

Anchored in the idea that the sustainability of reforms is dependent on the strength and accountability of civil society, the DOKUMENTA project focused on the three interlinked pillars of evidence, communication and change, and included training, online support and on-site consultancy to empower thirty CSOs and community groups working to combat discrimination and supporting vulnerable groups in Greece.

Providing media relations and basic advocacy training for CSOs and migrants’ communities was part of a comprehensive strategy to improve public dialogue and social cohesion, and, more specifically, to support organizations and communities’ communication efforts, and improve their interaction with the media. Such strategies would, in turn, allow for the introduction of alternative perspectives and ideas in the mainstream media, opposition to discriminatory reporting, advocacy for social change and policy reform.

The project included an opening conference on media freedom and diversity, communication skills seminars and workshops on media relations. Moreover, it included intensive sessions on radio broadcasting, video, media and social media content production, research and documentation, as well as campaigning, monitoring and evaluating.

Civil society representatives learnt about the workings, requirements, and most effective methods of communicating with the media, from media professionals, including journalists and editors. The documentation and advocacy training aimed to support, inform, complement and enhance work already being undertaken on social cohesion, governance and transparency, and develop collaborative spaces and dialogue between key actors and stakeholders.

DOKUMENTA was comprised of the following activities:

  • A series of four activities, involving ten participants, across three locations: Athens, Thessaloniki and Xanthi.
  • Six-month internships in Athens, Thessaloniki and Xanthi (January – June 2016). The internships included placements in radio, television, social media and online education.

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