XV Biennale of young creators from Europe and the Mediterranean

Biennale-logo-ENGPainting Workshop

Organised by: Symβiosis

Symβiosis was founded in May 2011 in Thessaloniki, based on a Project on Migration and Intercultural Education. Symβiosis encourages fair, accurate, inclusive and sensitive dialogue to promote understanding between different groups and cultures and acceptance of diversity and provides a platform for civil society organizations and networks working on equality, solidarity, participatory democracy, social justice and respect for fundamental rights. Symβiosis aims to bring together actors in order to break down barriers of misunderstanding that exist and establish long-term social partnerships and cohesion, combating discrimination based on ethnic and religious affiliation, as well as gender, facilitating intercultural and interfaith dialogue, political education, through studies and collaborative activities; and to bridge theory and practice empowering marginalized groups, focusing on the younger generation.

Specifically, at the cultural level, Symβiosis examines the way migrants' andBienalleWorkshop minorities' artistic productions inspired by their experience of migration and/or discrimination can change and enrich local cultures and promotes the migrants' ability to access and contribute to practices as dynamic social actors (i.e. educators, students and researchers) and not solely as objects of instruction and/or research. At the social level, Symβiosis aims to explore the idea that migrants can help build bridges, to facilitate the encounters between different populations sharing the same neighbourhood. In particular it explores the possibility of popular and creative arts to become a means of communication and dialogue between different groups sharing the same culture and neighbourhood.

In the context of the XV Biennale de la Méditerranée, Symβiosis offers a Painting Workshop.