Migration and Intercultural Education

FrontPageThe Project on Migration and Intercultural Education in Thessaloniki addresses the need for inclusive public dialogue and policy innovation on intercultural education and migration in Greece by fostering a series of migrants, civil society, experts and authorities meetings, workshops and networks, aiming to contribute to the nurturing of mutual understanding and respect. The first and most important aim of the project is to create a channel of communication and information exchange in between migrants'a ssociations and civil society organisations dealing with migration and intercultural education, while at the same time engaging in raising public awareness on relevant issues, participating thus in the on-going public debate on migration, public space and intercultural education.

More specifically the project is composed off:

  • A series of preparatory stakeholders’ discussions, migrants' associations and civil society organisations, as well as relevant other actors, aiming to communicate information and opinnions
  • Two workshops on particular thematics with the participation of migrants’ associations, relevant authorities’ representatives, civil society organisations, educational institutions, with panelists from all over Greece
  • An exhibition of existing intercultural educational material, and a website to exchange views, proposals and activities' information
  • A publication in electronic and printed form containing the ideas, contributions, expert views and documentation presented in the project activities
  • A public awareness event on migration, public space and interceltural education, including a film showing and a panel discussion and a concert, as well as a press conference