Thessaloniki Seminar, “Working with young refugees and migrants: The challenge of diversity”


Thessaloniki Seminar, 25-29/09/2014

Symβiosis, in collaboration with the Norwegian NGO Youth against Violence (Ungdom mot Vold), organized a seminar "Working with young migrants and refugees: The challenge of diversity" in Thessaloniki, from Thursday, the 25th until Sunday, September 28th, 2014.
The goal of the workshop was to train and transfer knowledge and experience in order to develop skills of professionals working with immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers - social workers, those engaged in social protection, health care, education, health, psychological support, legal assistance, as well as immigrants and refugees, in order to ensure better protection, understanding and exchange of views on issues of violence, asylum and working with refugees and immigrants. The purpose is the direct involvement of those working in the field in shaping proposals, initiatives and interventions required to address racism, xenophobia and anti-discrimination.
The seminar was aimed at representatives of NGOs and was generously supported by EEA & Norway grants.


Seminar program 25-28 September

Educational material