Prizes awarded in ESIEMTH’s photo festival "Let's get across"

ESIEMTHThe Photography Festival organized recently by the Journalists' Union of Macedonia and Thrace Daily Newspapers (ESIEMTH) under the Let's Get Across project, a moving tribute to immigration, culminated on June 22 in an awards ceremony in the city of Kozani, where four photographers were prized for their poignant points of view on the themes of immigration and integration.

Associated Press photojournalist Nikos Giakoumidis from Thessaloniki and Agence France-Presse photojournalist Aris Messinis from Athens shared First Prize of the photo contest, while the Second Prize was awarded to Yaghoub Alizadeh Zahmatkesh, an Iranian immigrant residing in Greece. Winner of the Third Prize is Vangelis Kousioras, from Larissa.

The entries were judged by the Main Artistic Committee, comprising artist Elli Chrysidou, photographer George Poupis, film critic and chair of Thessaloniki's Olympion cinema Panayiotis Forsos, curator of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Thouli Misirloglou, photojournalist George Giakoumidis, film critic Thomas Lianras and film director Vahagn Karapetyan, member of the non-governmental organization Symbiosis (Thessaloniki Film Festival 2010 audience award).

The awards and prizes were presented by the chairman of the Municipality of Kozani's Social Policy Organization Costas Kytidis, on behalf of the Mayor of Kozani; photographer George Poupis, on behalf of the Main Artistic Committee; and journalist Vassilis Soliopoulos, head of ESIEMTH's Let's Get Across project.

The photo exhibition was held between June 5-22 in Kozani's Folklore Museum and Museum of Natural History. In addition to local residents and authorities, a great number of school groups and more than a thousand independent visitors viewed the exhibition.

The Let's Get Across project is taking place under the auspices of the "Festival on Immigration and Social Integration", funded by the European Integration Fund and implemented by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, ESIEMTH and the non-governmental organization Arsis.


1o-vrabeio-nikolas-giakoumidis 1o-vrabeio-nikolas-giakoumidis
1o-vraveio-aris-messinis 1o-vraveio-aris-messinis
2o-vraveio-yaghoub-alizadeh 2o-vraveio-yaghoub-alizadeh
3o-vraveio-vaggelis-kousioras 3o-vraveio-vaggelis-kousioras

1st Prize

Nikolas Giakouridis

1st Prize

Aris Mesinis

2nd Prize

Υaghoub Αlizadeh

3rd Prize

Vangelis Kousioras