Round table on "Interculturalism, fundamental rights and crisis management"

pame-maziSymβiosis organised a workshop on Presenting fundamental rights and interculturalism on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 3:30 the Water Room, Building A, Ground Floor, City Hall of Thessaloniki, during a two day events on Living Together prepared by the Thessaloniki Municipality.


16.00-18.00 Workshop «Presentation of the basic fundamental rights and the concept of interculturalism."
Moderator: Christos Eleftheriades, President Migrants' Integration Council of Thessaloniki.
16.00-16.30: Introduction: Syrri Despina, President of Symβiosis, Board Member of the Migrants' Integration Council of Thessaloniki.
Eight stories about immigrants in Thessaloniki - Presentation of the training workshop in advocacy and journalism for young people from diverse backgrounds organised by Symβiosis, the Media Diversity Institute and the municipal media.
16.30-17.15: Viewing of eight 4-min films and presentations of authors.