Symβiosis announces a training workshop on migration, media and diversity to be held in Thessaloniki

seminarSymβiosis, announces a training workshop on migration, media and diversity to be held in Thessaloniki, 14-23 May 2012, jointly with the London Media Diversity Institute, , and the Thessaloniki Municipal Media.

The Symβiosis initiative Migrants’ Voices, an intensive ten days workshop, seeks to foster a better understanding of immigrant integration processes at a time when social cohesion and integration policies are put to the test by an acute economic, social and political crisis. During the 10 days training course, a team reporting production will take place, where a pair of people will work as a team (a migrant and a mainstream journalist) to produce a story for TV, Radio or print. During this learn by doing training for migrants and journalists the diverse nature of the group will give participants the opportunity to exchange experiences, work together and get to understand diversity through practicing it.

Applications are invited from migrants and children of migrants, 18 to 40 years old, living in the area of Thessaloniki. Applications will include a CV and a motivation letter, and will be sent electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Full commitment during the workshop duration is required, while a certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the workshop by the Media Diversity Institute.

Symβiosis promotes information and education, debate, freedom of expression and active civic participation so that people and communities voice their needs and ideas; encouraging fair, accurate, inclusive and sensitive media coverage in order to promote understanding between different groups and cultures. The workshop is part of a project – The Ethical Journalism Initiative – conducted by the International Federation of Journalists in cooperation with the Media Diversity Institute and Article 19 to improve media coverage of ethnicity, race and religion and other forms of diversity, throughout the EU, and is funded by the European Commission. The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) works internationally to encourage and facilitate responsible media coverage of diversity.

Applications deadline is on April 15th, while results will be announced on April 24th.