Thessaloniki Seminar, 25-29/09/2014


“Working with young refugees and migrants:

The challenge of diversity”

The project, a cooperation of the NGOs Youth against Violence, Oslo, Norway, and Symβiosis, Thessaloniki, Greece, aims to support and build the capacity of professionals in Greece working with vulnerable youth migrants, refugee and asylum seekers. The project will provide a training workshop by leading Norwegian and Greek educators and practitioners to relevant social and health workers, lawyers, civil society staff, as well as educational material on line and printed, to develop knowledge and expertise on issues and on interventions and programmes that support the health and well-being of vulnerable youth, by linking, transferring and translating the experience of Norwegian NGOs into local contexts and by networking organisations of the two countries with the purpose of exchange, dialogue and future cooperation. Information about the workshop content, the lectures, materials, lessons learned will be highly published via Symβiosis media activities (video, on line social media), serving thus as further information and education activity.

Seminar Program 25-29 September