Symbiosis-School of Political Studies in Greece, affiliated to the Council of Europe Network of Schools is pleased to announce the launch of the project: “Information Disorder: Understanding propaganda techniques during a war infodemic”, including a series of workshops to take place during July and September 2022, in Thessaloniki and Athens, organised with the support of the European Cultural Foundation.

The workshops focus on the ongoing “war infodemic” and on countering multiple threats of disinformation, misinformation, propaganda filter bubbles and fake news promoted through media, following the invasion in Ukraine. Through alternative media, Ukrainian refugees, diaspora communities and locals, discuss how to critically consume media and information and to raise their own voices.
The project aims to support participants in developing their understanding regarding the sources of misleading and/or false information and activate critical thinking and media literacy skills in recognising and responding to these phenomena, including by making their own stories.

We are inviting you to the first workshop organised in Thessaloniki, July 1-3, 2022.
The event will be hosted by the Heinrich Boell Stiftung in Greece and will include presenters and facilitators from Greece, Ukraine, Cyprus/UK and Serbia.

Sessions start on Friday, 17:30-20:00, and run Saturday 10:00-17:00 and Sunday 10:00-17:00.

The workshop aims to:
– Enhance participant’s skills in recognizing disinformation and use of social media
– Discuss good practices for responsible reporting during an infodemic
– Explore story-telling techniques and tools

Who can apply?

Displaced persons, civil society advocates, humanitarian workers, media workers and students. Applicants are required to have a good knowledge of English.

We invite those interested in participating to register HERE by Tuesday, 21 June 2022. There is limited capacity for each workshop; successful applicants will be notified.

The workshop will run in accordance with applicable rules for the Covid-19 situation at the time of the implementation.
For any questions or additional clarifications, please contact