Human Rights and Discrimination

The project identified and addressed gaps in national education policies and developed advocacy strategies to support key actors in the education sector (such as education authorities, policymakers, student unions, educators and human rights NGOs) to better protect students against Islamophobia. It aimed to develop mechanisms of reporting and recording incidents, as well as supporting victims of Islamophobia.

The project took place in 5 countries: UK, France, Belgium, Sweden and Greece. In these countries, the rise of the far-right wing, the populist discourses activity and the increasingly hostile environment towards Muslims is a reality of daily life.

The ADVISE project empowered sixty young people, aged between sixteen and thirty-five, through training and activities focused on countering Islamophobia, with a specific focus on reporting and recording incidents of Islamophobia and improving support mechanisms within the education sector.

The project had a strong cross-community element as it brought together Muslim and non-Muslim youth, as well as advocates from different communities, to share their experience, knowledge and expertise on resisting discrimination.

The Partnership