Migrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers

Organized by Youth against Violence and Symβiosis, the project supported professionals in Greece working with vulnerable young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Leading Norwegian and Greek educators and practitioners gave training workshops to relevant social and health workers, lawyers, and civil society staff, and produced online educational material sharing knowledge and expertise on issues that support the health and well-being of vulnerable youth. The workshop aimed to analyze, link and transfer the experiences of Norwegian NGOs to to the Greek context, and foster solidarity between advocates of migrant and refugee from the two countries through the exchange of practices and promotion of dialogue and cooperation.

In this framework, Symβiosis organised in Thessaloniki the seminar “Working with young Migrants and Refugees – The challenge of diversity”.

Seminar: Working with young Migrants and Refugees - The challenge of diversity

25-29 September 2014, Thessaloniki

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