In the framework of the project “EMVI: Empowering migrants voices on Integration and Inclusion policies,” Symbiosis-School of Political Studies in Greece, Council of Europe Network, organised a series of online and in person educational activities in Heraklion from March to May 2023. Conducted in cooperation with the Heraklion Development Agency, these trainings provided an opportunity for more than 500 participants to gain knowledge in diverse areas while also contributing significantly to the empowerment of migrant participation.

The trainings addressed several important issues, including communication between communities residing in the same area, the rights of migrants and refugees, combating discrimination and developing intercultural competences, language integration of migrants and refugees, access to education, combating gender-based violence, trafficking, child protection, and abuse. Certain training modules specifically focused on addressing legal aspects and administrative matters, such as project management, strategic communication, and journalism related to migration.

To actively promote awareness among host societies and local actors about the importance of inclusion, equality, and political participation for all groups, the training activities targeted different but equally important groups. Specifically, the activities aimed to empower and engage migrants, refugees, formal and non-formal educators, lawyers, social and public service workers, police officers, local media, students studying journalism or social work, as well as civil society organisations.

By analyzing the aforementioned thematic questions and fostering constructive discussions with the participants, these activities effectively enhanced the participants’ knowledge and skills concerning integration and the importance of migrants’ active participation.

The Partnership