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Migrant Food Worlds in Ioannina

Exploring Migrants’ Foods in Ioannina, The Mmm…. multicultural Cooking was held on April 26th, 2023, organised by the Municipality of Ioannina in memory of the late Ioannina Mayor Moises Elisaf. During the event, life stories and flavours from Syria, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Greece, and the Romaniote Jewish community in Ioannina, as well as questions about social inclusion and living together, were explored.

Those enjoying the dishes from countries and locations afar in space and time, yet meeting in Ioannina, from antiquity until today, reflected on the exchanges of recipes and ways of preparing food and on the food-related cultural knowledge they learned and passed along. The event brought together food makers, migrants, refugees and all residents of Ioannina to discuss the role of migration, routes and nodes, culinary history, crossings and mixings.

In the framework of the EC AMIF EPIC, embark on a culinary journey that celebrates cultural exchange and migration through diverse flavors presented by Symbiosis.

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