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The project Neighbourhood Reporter consisted of a three-week journalist and communication skills training workshop for local and migrant and minority youth from impoverished communities and was organized and implemented by Symbiosis in cooperation with the Municipal Media TV100 and FM 100.6. Eight young local activists were given the opportunity to learn about the production of television and radio news programs, in a manner that allowed them to exchange experiences, work collaboratively, and understand diversity through active participation.

The initiative gave the marginalized voices of youth from neighborhoods with problems related to unemployment, poverty, and, often, xenophobia and racism, a platform to express their views on issues affecting them, and change public opinionm by challenging stereotypes of deprived neighbourhoods prevalent in Greek media.

The four video stories and three radio shows produced, as well as the ensuing public event held in Galopoulou square, aimed to foster interpersonal connections in the neigborhood context, thus allowing for the development of a distinct neigborhood identity and encouraging a public dialogue on residents’ needs and opinions.


Four short stories (four to six minute videos in Greek)
One television broadcast on the municipal station TV100
Three radio spots (in Greek, Albanian and English)
Three radio shows on FM 100.6.

The Neighbourhood Reporters

  • Spiros Konstantinidis
  • Leonard Haidinai
  • Giorgos Karkaletsis
  • Giannis Mavromatis
  • Iris Haidinai
  • Evri Mpatsou
  • Ouali N’Dour

Radio Shows

  • Neighbourhood Reporter Ι – (14/5/2013)
  • Neighbourhood Reporter ΙΙ – (21/5/2013)
  • Neighbourhood Reporter ΙΙΙ – (4/6/2013)

Radio Spots

  • Radio Spot 1 (English)
  • Radio Spot 2 (Squip)
  • Radio Spot 3 (Greek)

Television Interventions

``Diverse - Multilingual Ksirokrini``

``Galopoulou Square - 6 years after``

``Ksirokrini - A gate for the immigrants``

``If I could lift up Greece``

The Partnership