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The project “Platform for Voice” provided a platform for marginalized voices and sought to combat the sexist, racist and xenophobic speech of those seeking (re)election in 2014. It facilitated discussions and identified common issues faced by organizations representing migrants and minorities across Greece, the UKItaly and the Netherlands.

All participating organizations agreed on a list of between five and ten key messages and, together, created and implemented a communications plan to counteract racism and xenophobia and disseminate their collective findings to electoral, media and civil society organisations. The organizations produced a report on the project’s impact, how its key messages were advocated, and lessons for future elections.


  • The identification of key messages that can amplify the voice of minority and migrant communities.
  • To draw out the commonalities facing minorities in four countries specifically to make a powerful counter narrative against the rush by politicians for “easy votes” by scapegoating those who are least powerful.
  • The provision of a platform for voice amongst those marginalized from the centre of power by identifying and communicating key messages to combat racist and xenophobic speech by those seeking (re)election in European election in 25th May 2014.
  • Discussions and forums in Greece, UK, Italy and the Netherlands with organisations representing migrants and minorities to identify common issues that they face.
  • Development of 5-10 key messages based on the discussions in each country. Key messages are able to be used post-election by groups and organisations advocating on behalf of migrants and minorities.
  • The creation and implementation of communications plan for cascading and disseminating the key messages through virtual platforms, networks and country media to counteract racist and xenophobic speech.


European elections, democracy and discrimination

Facing the rise of racism and xenophobia in Greece

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Thessaloniki, May 2014

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