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Language: German

Author: Symbiosis

Editors: Despina Syrri and Michalis Karakonstantis

Publisher: Symbiosis

Publication Date: October 2023

ISBN: 978-618-81348-8-1

In light of the intricate challenges and opportunities inherent in the European migration landscape, this handbook strives to provide essential information and support to migrants seeking refuge or pursuing labor migration paths. Acknowledging the unique circumstances and needs of refugees, the handbook extends its insights to address the specific challenges faced by those residing in Greece. It endeavors to provide migrants and refugees with targeted information and support to navigate obstacles in critical areas such as employment, healthcare, housing, and education.
Beyond offering necessary information and support, this handbook highlights instances of best practices currently in effect by select local authorities in Greece. Additionally, it imparts practical and valuable advice to empower migrants in accessing public services and navigating administrative procedures, along with guidance on interacting with public institutions.

It is crucial for the reader to understand that the information presented in this manual is sourced from Greek state guidelines and laws concerning the housing, healthcare, education, and employment of migrants and refugees in Greece. Unfortunately, a disparity exists in the implementation of these directives, with the law not being applied in many real-world cases.