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Language: Greek


Authors: Collective Work

Editor: Despina Syrri

ISBN: 978-960-6882-45-6

The book Symvionontas me ti Metanastefsi (Living with Migration) underlines the value of intercultural education. In particular, it emphasizes the need for an educational processes associated with integration reflect, which must keep pace with wider political, economic and social development.

Ensuring educational opportunities for immigrants does not necessarily amount to social and political equality. Symvionontas me ti Metanastefsi considers the problems surrounding the participation of immigrants and their children in education within the wider context of the obstacles to effective integration in Greek society. Such difficulties include the implementation of existing legislation to ensure legal provisions and fundamental rights, the granting and acquisition of citizenship, the grey zone of legality and the lack of ‘documentation’ (especially for long-term residents and asylum seekers), as well as the struggle to find employment. Discussions on power relations included debates on the formation of identities, education and culture, bilingualism and space, and explored such issues, not only in a political sense, but also on a social, institutional and cultural level.