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Language: English

Authors: Collective Work

The Borderline Offensive project has recently released a research publication which addresses the following questions:

  • How do humour and art promote dialogue and reflection around migration, fear, pain, identity and social crisis?
  • How do arts and culture influence integration positively, and how does integration work diversify audiences and artistic discourse?
  • How do populism, xenophobia, and global cultural conflict impact arts and culture, freedom of expression and the mobility of creators?

The research uses a multidisciplinary approach to analyse the processes involved in artistic creation and art residencies. Artists, citizens, cultural producers and academics were gathered in one place, and each individual was then immersed in processes of dialogue, creation and observation. The findings, conclusion and take-home messages offered in the final publication can be used as the starting point for future discussion, advocacy and policy-making within the context of integration and intercultural dialogue.