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The EMV-LII project was designed on the principle that the participation of migrants is of paramount importance for the success of local integration and local integration strategies. It builds on the previous project AMIF EMVI 2022-2023 (Empowering Migrants Voices for Integration) with the perspective of deepening and strengthening processes already piloted and started.

This action aims to enable and upscale the participation of migrants in local integration strategies and to implement and strengthen meaningful and sustainable participation mechanisms. Specifically, it introduces and pilots collaboration between migrants and local authorities (LAs) in the design and implementation of these strategies. It builds and strengthens three innovative tools for migrant participation piloted in the previous AMIF EMVI project: issue-raising workshops, an e-participation tool, and migrants’ advisory councils. These tools will be enhanced in five countries and expanded to Luxembourg and Croatia.

The project brings together 19 multistakeholder partners in seven member states: CSOs, local and regional authorities, a migrant council, and migrant-led organisations from Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Luxembourg.

Project Objective

In general, the EMV-LII project aims to support the development and implementation of local integration strategies by strengthening the participation of migrant organisations towards more effective inclusion at the local and regional levels, with a focus on the inclusion of young migrants and women.

Specific Objectives

• Strengthen and empower the participation of migrants in local integration through training and capacity building.

• Increase the capacity and willingness of local and regional authorities to engage migrants in local integration strategies.

• Strengthen participation mechanisms for local integration.