Intervention and Education Program on Gender Sensitization and Gender Based Violence Prevention with Male Migrants and Refugees

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Language: Greek

Publisher: Symbiosis

Authors: Collective Work

ISBN: 978-618-81348-5-0

With this manual we present a practice-oriented guide for facilitators on the implementation of intervention and education programs to provide gender-sensitive prevention services. It was developed within the framework of the European project FOMEN: Focus on Men. Gender Based Violence Prevention Work with Male Refugees and Migrants (2019 – 2021). The project team, which consists of partners from 6 European countries (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain) and advisors from the Centre for Gender & Violence Research (University of Bristol – UK), developed modules and methods for educational programs with the focus on gender sensitivity and prevention of gender-based violence following intersectional approaches.

FOMEN’s intervention and education program aims to work with male migrants and refugees in the form of dialogue-oriented workshops, to encourage but also challenge their reflection on the topics of gender roles, self-care, social relations, violence prevention and caring masculinities. The manual offers methods and knowledge for self-education as well as guidance for trainings and workshops.

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