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The Migration and Intercultural Education in Thessaloniki project, which led to the foundation of Symβiosis, addressed the need for inclusive public dialogue and policy innovation on intercultural education and migration in Greece. The project was organised by four NGOs, and involved the participation of over fifteen CSOs and associations in a series of workshops, seminars and conferences. The project contributed to the nurturing of mutual respect and understanding by creating a platform which allowed communication and the exchange of information between migrants’ associations, Civil Society organizations and institutions, as well as local authorities, professional associations and universities. Simultaneously, it aimed to raise public awareness on issues related to migration, public space and intercultural education.

The project led to the publication of the book Symvionontas me ti Metanastefsi (Living with Migration, ISBN 978-960-6882-45-6), its presentation and a public discussion on Living with Migration at IANOS bookstore. The book underlined the value of intercultural education and emphasized the need for an educational processes associated with integration reflect, which must keep pace with wider political, economic and social development.


The book Symvionontas me ti Metanastefsi (Living with Migration) underlines the value of intercultural education. In particular, it emphasizes the need for an educational…