On Friday, 24 May 2024, Symbiosis-Council of Europe School of Political Studies in Greece organised a public event in the Municipality of Neapolis – Sykies as part of the EU CERV Butterfly Effect project. The event aimed to raise awareness about hate speech and racist violence, educate the public on these topics, and promote community engagement and cohesion. Additionally, it provided networking opportunities and facilitated knowledge sharing among attendees.

Throughout the event, particular emphasis was placed on the recognition and reporting of racist violence, while the discussion also focused on anti-Gypsyism, a particular form of racism, examining its historical roots and contemporary manifestations. Through case studies and discussions, participants deepened their understanding of how to combat hate speech and hate crimes, gaining essential knowledge and exploring effective approaches and practices.

Following presentations by the speakers, discussions naturally ensued, providing a platform for attendees to engage with the topics at hand. Participants shared their perspectives and insights, enriching the dialogue with diverse viewpoints. The atmosphere was one of open exploration and exchange, with individuals contributing their thoughts on strategies to address hate speech, racist violence, and discrimination.