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“We all need new engagement!” (WANNE) project aimed to engage third country nationals (TCNs) in civil society and communities in the receiving society. The project focused in particular on volunteering in diaspora and civil society organizations, and educational, cultural and social activities within decision-making frameworks across Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Greece and Malta.

Fifteen project partners from seven EU countries implemented and shared 124 good practices on tandem work. WANNE consisted of an online database, seven partnership fairs, fourteen awareness and advocacy training workshops, and follow-up activities aimed at strengthening diaspora and civil society organizations and their work. Tandem teams implemented seventy awareness-raising workshops on human dignity and gender sensitivity. 945 TCNs were directly involved in project activities and 2800 TCNs benefited from the project’s results.

All partners had practical experience in building bridges between TCNs and natives. Their role involved visualizing the active engagement of TCNs through their media work, thus changing perspectives and narratives of migration.

The strong emphasis on knowledge sharing and positive relationships between the partner organizations resulted in a final symposium and round table in Brussels, whereby the transnational report on good practice and TCNs’ political demands were shared with seventy stakeholders and decision-makers.

WANNE Transational Report

Good Practices Fostering Participation and Inclusion of TCNs in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Romania and Slovenia


The Partnership