Human Rights and Discrimination

A  joint effort by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), Symβiosis and four other European non-profit organizations, “Get the Trolls Out!” began as a forteen-month program which sought to engage Europeans […]

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The project identified and addressed gaps in national education policies and developed advocacy strategies to support key actors in the education sector (such as education authorities, […]

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The project “Platform for Voice” provided a platform for marginalized voices and sought to combat the sexist, racist and xenophobic speech of those seeking (re)election in 2014. It […]

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Symbiosis organized a series of activities, workshops, open events and meetings on civic education and youth mobilization, promoting active citizenship against discrimination and racism in the […]

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The project Neighbourhood Reporter consisted of a three-week journalist and communication skills training workshop for local and migrant and minority youth from impoverished communities and was […]

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Symbiosis, in cooperation with the Media Diversity Institute and in partnership with the Journalist’s Union of northern Greece, Macedonia and Thrace, organized a roundtable on 13-14 […]

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Symbiosis organized on June 19, 2012,  a workshop on fundamental rights and interculturalism as part of the initiative LivingTogether, led by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The […]

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The objective of the project was to foster an understanding between cultures and people through the mobilization and active participation of youth in society. A series […]

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Other activities

Rethinking Humanitarianism

Three Days of Education and Engagement Activities for the Refugee Community

Seminar on the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights Case Law: Focus on Roma Issues 

Webinars on “Rights and Inclusion in the Times of COVID-19”

Webinars on Human Rights, Equality, Anti-Discrimination and Social Inclusion

Unpacking Integration – Athens Policy Lab

Gender, Human Rights and Media

From reception to integration: Evidence and innovation – Athens Refugee Policy Lab

Freedom of Media and Human Rights – Forum

Exploring Politics of Friendship

Racist Discourse, Far Right Rhetoric and Media

The 2014 European Elections, Democracy and Discrimination1

Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Gender Issues – Online Educational Programme for Cultural Mediators

Sexual Gender Based Violence Prevention – Capacity Building Training Workshops for Humanitarian Front-line Professionals