Social Rights, Inclusion and Justice

Political participation of migrants and their descendants is key  to the being of today’s societies, democracies and the stability of economies. Promoting an inclusive democratic society […]

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The ASAP project directly contributes to the implementation of European integration priorities, from enhancing local and regional capacities, resources and expertise to ensuring that all migrants […]

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EPIC (European Platform of Integrating Cities) is a 3-year project funded by the EU’s Asylum Migration and Integration programme (AMIF-2018-AG-INTE number 863703). It aims to address […]

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Borderline Offensive is an artistic project on research and art-based societal development. It seeks to engage artists and explore questions of migration, immigration and community cohesion in […]

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“We all need new engagement!” (WANNE) project aimed to engage third country nationals (TCNs) in civil society and communities in the receiving society. The project focused […]

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Since 2018, Symbiosis-School of Political Studies in Greece, affiliated to the Council of Europe Network of Schools, has been engaged in promoting in Greece the Linguistic […]

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Bringing together actors from Greece, Croatia, Serbia and Sweden, the FORA project organized a series of initiatives centered on the theme of community cohesion and the […]

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Symbiosis organized on June 19, 2012,  a workshop on fundamental rights and interculturalism as part of the initiative LivingTogether, led by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The […]

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Other activities

Seminar on the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights Case Law: Focus on Roma Issues  

Webinars on “Rights and Inclusion in the Times of COVID-19”

Webinars on Human Rights, Equality, Anti-Discrimination and Social Inclusion

Migration and Integration Forum- ”Je t’aime, … moi non plus”: Reframing migration & integration challenges in Greece and Europe

Unpacking Integration – Athens Policy Lab

Towards inclusive and data driven cities – Athens Urban Policy Lab

From reception to integration: Evidence and innovation – Athens Refugee Policy Lab

Challenges of democracy in Europe today: Democratic participation, representation, legitimisation, mobilisation, public and social inclusion

Setting up a Council of Europe Academy for Democratic Leadership for Persons with a Refugee Background, Experts’ Workshop

Gender, Reproductive and Primary Health – Training Workshops for Migrant Communities

A Forum on New Engagement for Integration – Evidence based and accountably communicated integration policy & practice

Reference Framework on Competencies for Democratic Culture and Intercultural Dialogue – Seminars